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Pete Fleming • "You could call it complexities and uncertainties, with openings" (02/03/2018)

Pete Fleming (b.1987) Gravesend, UK

Pete Fleming has studied at the Glasgow School of Art and the National Academy of Art in Oslo, Norway. His work has been shown in the UK, USA, Norway, Denmark, and Scotland. "You Could Call It Complexities And Uncertainties, With Openings" is the artist’s first solo show in Portugal.

The installation “You could call it complexities and uncertainties, with openings" (2018) emphasizes the material and object collaborations involved in producing lens based artwork. Featuring large digital prints on silk of underwater analog photography, the images were created amongst the depth, optical refraction, and movement of the water. Scanning the negatives at very high resolution, the jagged edge of the film panel and the dust on the scanner are revealed. This dust, mostly excluded by photographers as problematic blemishes, becomes a motif for the agency of uncertain objects, and is subsequently extrapolated into sculptures that seem to be stretching, wriggling, and seeking. As a symbol for everything and nothing at the same time - the earth, mortality, and waste matter - dust unravels in many directions. What is it? Where is it from? Is it human?