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Louis Guy • Recent Works (9/12/2017)

Louis Guy (b.1985) Glasgow, Scotland.

Louis Guy studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art from 2005-2009. Since graduating he has continued his painting practice in tandem with his work as scenic artist for the Scottish Opera and for similar productions internationally. Recent Works is his first exhibition in Portugal.

Recent Works by Louis Guy encompasses a selection of paintings made during a recent six month stay in Lisbon. Initially using C.A.D. drawings of robotic production lines as source material the artist began to explore the image of the machine, separated from it's function and from the object it manufactures, becoming a totem of progress. At the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, the painting Le Tepis Vert by Hubert Robert, depicts the garden of Versailles during a period of refurbishment ordered by the King. Workmen gaze at the grand ornaments, peasant children play amongst the detritus of the seemingly devastated garden. A visual precursor to the revolutionary scenes that would unfold in the same gardens a few years later. Robert not only painted the gardens of Versailles, he also helped design them. In particular the Hameau de la Reine. Marie Antoinettes rustic hamlet complete with a working mill and farm. Part plaything, part political gesture. A woodblock print in Albrecht Dürers Apocalypse shows St. John devouring the book. The saint eats heavenly scripture as means of a quick fix to achieve enlightenment. Tasting as 'sweet as honey' but turning his stomach bitter.